Purpose and outcomes of the Project:
- to establish a dialogue and mutual understanding between Turkey and the EU Members of the Danube Region, through culture, art and science,
-to create various opportunities to meet, work together and hence, to make cooperation for the further projects and related activities. so that artists and professionals from art, literature and cultural institutions in Turkey and their counterpart in the Danube Countries of the EU.
- through the action plan of the activities, a large and well-archived amount of knowledge of the traditional and contemporary connections will be established and disseminated among the group members of the Project,
- the activities will enable to promote not only the culture, history, and values of the Danube Regions but through the EU
-Member countries of the Region, the culture, history and the values of the EU among the target groups and final beneficiaries of the action.

This project, in this sense, will facilitate and pave the way for the dialogue and communication between those groups.